Reading a good book can provide hours of entertainment. While there are many different genres to choose from when selecting your next book, reaching for a historical fiction novel could be beneficial.

Here are three reasons why your next read should be a historical fiction.

1. Historical fiction teaches you about important world events.

Novels that are set during important historical eras can serve a valuable role in helping you learn more about the events associated with that particular time period.

While some people struggle to read through the facts and figures in a textbook, fiction authors have the ability to help these facts and figures come to life in an entertaining and unique way. By reading historical fiction novels, you will become a more educated citizen of the world.

2. Historical fiction offers a personal connection to important world events.

While a textbook can certainly give you detailed information about important world events that have occurred throughout history, these types of reference materials often overlook the personal and social issues that people were facing during these troubling times.

A fiction author, like Frances Patton Statham, has the ability to transport you back in time by creating characters that come to life on the pages of a historical fiction novel. These characters will give you a glimpse into what life was like in bygone eras, helping you to gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for the people who lived through important world events.

3. Historical fiction can help you understand differing perspectives.

History textbooks often present information that reflects the viewpoint of a single party. Since there are always two sides to every story, reading a historical fiction novel can offer you the chance to see a major world event from a different perspective.

A novel that is details the life events of characters on both sides of major world conflicts can help you understand how opposing countries can both think their views and opinions are right. It can also help you see the ways in which political decisions affected the day-to-day lives of people on both sides of a conflict.

When you understand the ways that historical fiction can contribute to a greater understanding of major world events, the people who lived through them, and the countries who fought one another in famous conflicts, it's easy to see why reaching for a historical fiction novel the next time you want to read can be beneficial.