There is so much in food that can kill you, and there are just so many people that do not know about what is in their food. If you want to prevent a lot of food-related illnesses and deaths, you could write a book about the subject. What should you include in the book? What would people find invaluable in regards to this kind of information? If you include all of the following, your book about food toxicology might be a hit.

Bacteria in Your Food

​There are some very serious bacteria in food. They are the direct result of how the food is grown, or how the food is slaughtered and cleaned. This section of your book can discuss things like ​E.coli, campylobacter, salmonella, listeria, and Norovirus.​ Each one could be discussed in great detail, describing how this or that bacteria comes into contact with all of the food people consume, and what the bacteria does once inside the human body. Then you could list signs and symptoms of these bacteria so that readers could try to self-diagnose a situation if they believe they ate something that was contaminated.

Poisonous Foods That Require Careful Preparation

​There are also many foods that are very risky to eat, but it has not stopped people from eating them for thousands of years. Lutefisk, for example, requires that consumers ingest a lot of lye​ that has been soaked up into the fish laying in a bath of the poisonous stuff. If done correctly, and if the consumer does not eat more than a few small pieces of it, it is okay to eat it. Likewise, so are several other foods from around the world. Readers would definitely want to know more about eating slices of toxic pufferfish, alligator, opossum, poisonous snakes, spiders, etc..

​Foods That Only Become Toxic When Mixed and Eaten Together

​Then there are all the foods out there that should never be consumed together and eaten solely without anything else. One such example is consuming cucumbers and milk, which in the gut creates a toxic mix that causes gastrointestinal distress at best, and near death at worst. Other food combinations that are equally toxic or deadly should be included so that consumers and readers will remember to avoid those combinations unless they are consuming something else that will help prevent the mixture in the stomach from creating serious medical emergencies.