From the moment an infant enters the world, they are learning through everything around them. As a parent with a new growing mind to foster, nurture, and love, you will go to great lengths to make sure your child is given every opportunity to learn. By the time a child reaches toddler age, they are ever-curious about everything, and this is the perfect time to get your child started on a path to literacy by reading to them. 

Great children's books are never hard to find, but there are certain types that have that bit of extra oomph to make them even more appealing to children and even more educational. Touch-and-feel books are the perfect example. These books are created with certain features that should be touched and felt by the child as you read. Take a look at some of the ways touch-and-feel books are good for toddlers. 

These books keep a toddler more focused. 

There is a good reason why part of the toddler stage is referred to as the Terrible Twos; children at this age are bundles of energy, they have short attention spans, and they are developing their own little personalities. It can be really hard to keep a toddler focused long enough to get through an entire book, but if they get to interact with the book, things may be a little easier.

Books that have certain textiles to touch stimulate the toddler's senses so they may spend more time engaged than usual. For instance, a book offering the child to feel what certain things feel like, such as fuzzy or bumpy, helps to keep the child focused. 

These books teach your toddler about the world around them. 

Consider for a moment a Santa Claus beard children's book. Each page allows your toddler to touch and feel Santa's beard. For instance, one page may instruct the toddler to use their fingers to comb through the "beard" gently, and another may show the child what Santa's beard looks and feels like when it's curly. In this example, the toddler learns how to be gentle when touching someone's beard, and they also learn what the word curly looks and feels like.

Toddlers are at an age when they are using all of their senses to accumulate information. Pairing visuals with the sounds of certain words and certain sensations with the hands offers a triple dose of education in one sitting. The more touch-and-feel books you read, the more information your young child will take in during these moments together.